About Me

First, I care about everyone’s health and fitness. Obesity is an issue that touches everyone including our children. Between school meals, if we can call them meals, and fast food, it is easy to slip into a pattern of eating poorly and doing nothing. I know because I’ve been there.

For nearly two decades, I trained people from all walks of life. I always tell people to make up their mind, set goals and never give up. A healthy body begins with you deciding to live a healthy lifestyle and ends in the kitchen.

In April of 2014, I injured my right shoulder to the point my right arm was useless. Today, I still can’t feel anything but tingling in three of the fingers on my right hand. I was depressed and unable to do my job. Two doctors couldn’t agree on what was actually wrong. Their solution was to chop it open and have a look around. I wasn’t keen on that idea. I was fit and healthy, but depression and pain left me in a pool of self-pity and cheeseburgers.

I spent a year and a half swimming in that pool. One day I woke up and hated that guy staring at me from my mirror. I set the wheels in motion to get recertified, I let my personal training cert lapse during my feel sorry for myself period, and starting eating right. I recruited a friend, a physical therapist, and we began exercising. There was no surgery and no medication involved. It took 8 months, but my right arm and shoulder are back in the game. This won’t be the case with all joint injuries, but luckily it was with mine.

Now my goals are simple:

  1. Eat right
  2. Train right
  3. Fight obesity – especially childhood obesity
  4. Train others

It may sound simple because it is. I plan to spend my life fighting childhood obesity and helping others avoid injuries like the one I suffered. My injury was preventable with proper form and safety precautions.

My exercise and nutritional plans are never cookie cutter plans. Everything I do is tailored for you and your body.

That’s my story. I’m here to help when you need me.