Writing Prompt #2

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This month’s writing prompt should appeal to fantasy writers more than anyone. It is a screen capture from Lord of the Rings online. Gaming, especially MMO and RPG centered games, are one of my distractions. Every writer has distractions that get in the way of writing and gaming is one of mine. I tend to unplug my router during scheduled writing time to avoid temptation from games, facebook, twitter and the like. If you are writing fiction, unplugging your router is not a big deal, but writing non-fiction might be easier with the internet- for research- not gaming.

I hope this writing prompt will spur some dark part of your creative soul. The character in front is my captain. He is sort of a mix between a paladin and a fighter. The guy behind him is his herald. A herald carries a banner and imparts bonuses to player characters around him. Yes, I deliberately made the herald look like Friar Tuck. The foes they face are headless mummies and crypt bats. The setting is in a crypt. There are stone walls, urns, spiders, mummies and the occasional troll dwelling there. That is all the information you get.

It may seem like too much information, but your goal is to write the story of this image as you see it unfolding. That is your writing prompt. Next month might be a color or an image of a tree stump with no clues. But this month you get clues and a setting. Take what you have and write a story.

The sort of rules are: “Post what you have written on your blog and put a link to it in the comments below. If you do not have a blog (you really need a blog), send me a Word doc and I might post what you have written here. There are some rules you must follow and I will only use two posts on this site. Any links you post in the comments will remain there even if I do not use your writing prompt results here. Please do not post what you have written in the comments. Just stick a link in your comment or I will have to remove the comment.”

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