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Writing more often and with reckless abandon are great methods to practice writing. Writing prompts are little clues or hints to get your creative juices flowing. Since most of us are surrounded by the same things day in and day out so variety is hard to find. We need writing prompts and the like to help us break out of the stale environment we live in and find new things to write about.

I am starting a new campaign to provide you with more writing prompts. Some will be hard and some will be ridiculous, but every third Thursday of each month I will post an image with a few hints or ideas to get you started. The images could be anything from a nebula floating in deep space to a simple color. All you have to do is write about the image- creatively.

Post what you have written on your blog and put a link to it in the comments below. If you do not have a blog (you really need a blog), send me a Word doc and I might post what you have written here. There are some rules you must follow and I will only use two posts on this site. Any links you post in the comments will remain there even if I do not use your writing prompt results here. Please do not post what you have written in the comments. Just stick a link in your comment or I will have to remove the comment.

So on to the writing prompt.writing prompts from John McDuffie

This image is simple and lacks a lot of what you need to write about it. So consider these things when writing about this image:

  • What is going on behind the window?
  • What is going on around the window?
  • Is someone trapped behind the window?

Try to write a creative story about what is in the image or could be in the image. The choices are up to you.

Please include a link to your blog and a brief bio at the bottom of your results. Please share any writing prompts you use or have found useful in the comments also.

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