Writing Goals And Resolutions For 2015

The best way to look is always forward. 2014 was a bad year for me as a writer and blogger. In 2015 I plan to set better goals and plan my year better. In 2014 I set some unreachable goals with the intention of reducing or otherwise altering those goals once I knew what my potential for meeting the goals might be. I failed to alter my goals seeking to push myself harder. That is always a mistake. Setting goals high and slowly bringing them down until you find a sweet spot is the right way to handle your goals. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Look back at 2014 and analyze your successes and failures. Work out where you can improve or what you can do without to help you meet your writing and blogging goals. That’s what I am doing and I’m looking forward to a solid plan for 2015. So let’s set some goals now.

My Blogging Goals For 2015

  • Write at least three blog posts of 600 to 1000 words weekly
  • Write four ebooks to give away
  • Resume posting monthly writing prompts
  • Build a master list of blogs that pay and keep it updated
  • Write twelve guests posts (this is where I get ambitious)

I also plan to revisit my goals each month to make sure I am still in control. I am planning to put a lot more work into my blog this year as you can tell from the goals I have set for myself. But I intend to make sure I remain in control without overworking myself. I have writing to do that isn’t for my blog as well.

I am going to set some ambitious writing goals for 2015. As with my blogging goals, some adjustments may be necessary but that’s ok.

Writing Goals For 2015

  • Land a newspaper column (see- ambition)
  • Write two full length novels (more ambition)

For now these are all my writing and blogging goals for 2015. I will add more one I have finished looking back in time to 2014. I hope I have set an example and inspired my readers to set some goals. Leave a comment to let me know if I succeeded and post some of your goals for 2015.

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