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Writing Tip: Enhance Your Story Writing Skills

If you have or have not written a novel, book or short story yet; these questions may help you get a better story out of yourself. There are countless tips online and hundreds of books that explain how to write

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5 Blog Marketing Articles You Need To Read Now

You have to absolutely stay on top of current trends in marketing if you want a successful blog. While that statement rings true in most cases, some marketing strategies are timeless. I have a handful of articles for you that

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Journalistic Ethics Versus The Facebook Like Button

Facebook is without question (or with questions) one of the best social networking tools available to journalists. Most people have a Facebook account including many politicians, business owners and celebrities. Following those people can lead to tips or news that

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Is A Freelance Writing Career Right For You

I love freelance writing. I have freedom to an extent that I would not have if I worked a regular nine to five job. Every day is a new adventure and I enjoy writing and I get paid to do

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