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Write Less For Better Writing

Writing as often as possible is the best way to improve your writing. Granted there is more to it such as asking people to critique your work and rewriting, among other things. But a great way to improve the speed

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5 Ways To Ruin A Query Letter

Do editors ignore or reject your query letter by default? Editors are not evil or mean. Your query letter did not get their attention or warrant a response because it did not get their attention or warrant a response.

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300 Million Reasons You Should Podcast

Around 220 million people commute to work, in a car, 30 minutes one way every day and nearly 50 million people have a gym membership in the United States. Alright, that is only 270 million reasons, but let us not forget

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The Ultimate Guide To Podcasting For Writers

Podcasting For Writers

Podcasting for writers, sounds daunting right? Podcasting is not incredibly difficult, can lead to a massive increase in traffic and you can start podcasting for free. You might ask yourself, free means my podcast will not be as good as

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