Rules Every Guest Blogger Should Follow

Do your guest blog posts get turned down often? Do blog editors seem to ignore you after you have submitted a guest blog post for review? The problem might be how you submitted your guest blog post or how it was written. You may be a master of sentence structure and punctuation with a PHD in English, but that will not help you become a successful guest blogger.

People that read blogs are after the information you are presenting, but they want the short and sweet version. Get to the point fast and present the information in less than a thousand words and you have a chance provided you can actually write.

Follow these simple rules and your success as a guest blogger will improve. Do not follow a rule- follow all the rules.

Rule 1: Never use a guest post for shameless self-promotion.

Unless you are linking to a related post on your own blog, keep your blog out of the article. You will get an author bio at the end of your guest post and that is where your marketing belongs.

Rule 2: Research your topic well even if you are an expert.

Someone out there someplace knows something you do not and that information could help your guest post. Once you have done the research, verify the information as much as possible.

This step is important if you want to continue as a guest blogger on your chosen blog. If you research poorly and there are errors, readers will have a field day bashing you and the blog in the comments and you will never be asked to guest post on that blog again.

Rule 3: Format the guest post correctly.

Managing a blog is time consuming and editing, formatting and posting blog posts submitted by guest bloggers can be a daunting task. Help out as much as you can by formatting your blog correctly.

No one wants to see a wall of text leaping from their computer screen. Make sure to use or provide:

  • Bullet or numbered lists
  • Subheadings
  • Links to relevant external sources
  • Credits for any images you submit

Rule 4: Always edit your work, but do it the day after you write it.

You will see things you would not have noticed the day before. If you can type text into it, it has spell check and sometimes grammar check. Use those tools because a guest blogger with great content to write about will never get published if they submit guest posts with spelling errors.

Rule 5: Ask yourself these questions before submitting a post.

This rule is possibly the most important rule to consider before submitting a guest post.

  • Is this guest post relevant to the target blog?
  • Would I post this on my blog?
  • Did I cover everything well enough?
  • Could I make this article better if I let it sit a few days?

You need to be able to answer yes to the first three questions before submitting the guest post.

Rule 6: Help promote your guest post.

Guest bloggers are usually guest posting to help promote themselves, to make money or both. It stands to reason, if you want more exposure, you need to help yourself because no one will do it for you. Start by helping the blogs you guest post on.

  • Help promote your guest post via social media.
  • Respond to comments as often as possible.
  • Include a link to your guest post in other posts if it is relevant.
  • Be active in discussions about the topic on other blogs.

Not following this rule is where many guest bloggers fail. Time is valuable, but try to be active for at least 20 to 30 days after the guest post is published. Check in from time to time and respond to comments and let readers connect with you.

It is not necessary to thank every person that comments, but be sure to answer if a question is asked. You will enhance your credibility and gain more exposure which is what you were after in the first place.

Follow these simple rules and your experience as a guest blogger will grow. Be honest with yourself or have a friend be honest for you when you apply these rules to your guest post. It is better to find out now that your guest post needs more work.

Do you have some advice on fine tuning the guest blogger formula? Please share your ideas with us in the comments.

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