Proofreading and Editing Services

Few things diminish your professionalism like misspelled words and awkward sentences. You will not be taken seriously in the business world or as an academic if your writing is full of errors or flows awkwardly. Whether you are writing an academic paper, journal, book, eBook, sales proposal or blog post; proofreading and editing are important and should not be overlooked.

Authors, academics, bloggers and business people make up the bulk of my clients, but almost anyone that writes something others will read can benefit from this fast and professional service. Chances are you are here because you need a professional proofreader or editor; so I will get to the part of this sales pitch you came here to read.

The pricing and turnaround time guide is simple:

Basic proofreading and light editing

$.01 per word

Allow up to 48 hours per 10,000 words

Complete editing with comments and changes tracked

$.03 per word

Allow up to 72 hours per 10,000 words

Most text document formats are accepted. We will return all finished work as a Microsoft Word document. You will get two files from us; a Word document with track changes and comments turned on and a Word document with all changes accepted and comments removed.

If you have multiple documents or would like to discuss a bulk or long term order, please contact me.

See my Content Editing and Critique services for more specialized editing and coaching.