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Creating an Ebook is hard enough without worrying about marketing your Ebook. If you don’t promote your Ebook, chances are no one will read it except the occasional person that enters that perfect search string or whomever you ask to read it.  Many new and established authors are turning to Facebook to promote their Ebooks so let’s look at a few methods.

Post Your Ebook On These Facebook Pages Or Groups

Create A Facebook Page For Your Ebook

You may already have a Facebook page for yourself, but consider creating a page for your Ebook. Use the page you create for the Ebook to promote the Ebook because your personal Facebook page will most likely contain other posts and people aren’t going to dig for information on the Ebook. Using a page made specifically for the Ebook will present only information about the Ebook and make acquiring it much easier. People like easy plus it will help you keep track of interest in that specific Ebook.

Consider Advertising On Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to promote your Ebook, but it will require a cash investment. This may not seem like an issue if you are selling the Ebook, but if you’re giving it away you may want to consider posting on Facebook pages designed to help promote free Ebooks as mentioned above. If your Ebook is part of a series and you only plan to give away the first Ebook in the series; advertising would be a great way to promote your Ebook.

I am sure there are many more ways to advertise and promote an Ebook on Facebook. These are examples of methods authors I know use that have proven successful. As part of my quest to help new authors, I am planning to create a list, that will be updated weekly, of the best places to promote an Ebook mostly for free. If you have a suggestion please tell me in the comments. I cannot find all the good spots alone.

Note: In order to be on the list I am compiling a website or page must either offer their services free or for a percentage of sales. I won’t list any websites or pages that require a payment upfront.


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