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Getting paid to guest post is a dream for many bloggers, but it doesn’t have to be. You can get paid to guest post provided you can write and do your research. Start by learning “Rules Every Guest Blogger Should Follow.” Then read on to find blogs or lists of blogs that will pay you to guest post.

Note: I am compiling a list of paid blogging opportunities with lots of variety. My plan is to provide guest blogging income opportunities for writers from many niches. This is an informal preview of a handful of paid blogging opportunities that are going in the list.

Cracked: one of my favorite sites to kill time on and it’s funny too. They pay ranges from $50 to $200.

The Penny Hoarder: they only pay if you have great content and arrange payment prior to publishing- but they do pay. The site is filled with information on making odd amounts of cash here and there and budgeting advice. If that’s your niche it might be worth checking out.

Tuts+: they’re looking for tutorials and accept written and video tutorials. I spend a lot of time on this website because I love to learn and I’m a Photoshop junkie. The tutorials they are looking for cover almost everything from photography, audio, coding, web design, crafts, business and much more.

Software Judge: their payment system is a bit annoying, but they pay you to review software and throw in some freebies for good measure. Read the guidelines and rules carefully because you can only get paid once you have accumulated a specific amount of earnings. Make sure the opportunity is right for you before submitting anything.

Spyre Studios: I may seem a little biased because this is another website on my list of favorites. They cover web design from typography to coding. Pay ranges from $50 to $160 for articles and tutorials.

WorldStart: this website focuses on the average computer user instead of the techie. It has tutorials, quick tips and such aimed at users that are not already computer gurus. Pay ranges from $25 to $50.

Writers Weekly: from the name you can assume the type of content they need. It’s a great site to visit whether you want to write for them or not- if you’re a writer. They pay up to $60.

The Motley Fool: a multi niche website that pays up to $100. They cover a lot such as healthcare, business, energy and more.

There is a taste of the list I am compiling. I do not have an estimated time of completion yet so don’t sit here refreshing the page looking for the exclusive list of paid guest blogging opportunities. Members will be notified via email or you can follow me.

If you have written for any website in the list please share your experience. If you know of an opportunity for paid guest blogging please share a link in the comments.

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