Free Places To Host Your Podcast

Will hosting your podcast with a free service mean no one will ever hear my podcast? While that depends a little on the host and a lot on the quality of your podcast, the answer is no. There are plenty of respectable places to host your podcast for free and get traffic at the same time.

Here is a list of free places to host your podcast:
Blubrry – create podcasts and browse other podcasts
Evoca – create audio recordings from your computer mic, your phone or Skype
ThePodcastNetwork – A network of podcasts
PodcastPeople – post text, audio and video to your show
Podomatic – create, find and share podcasts

Another free place to host your podcast is your blog and if you are using WordPress, the free WordPress Audio Player is all you need. Using the WordPress Audio Player is simple: upload your podcast and use the correct syntax where you want the player to show up in your blog.

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Time Management Tip For Writers: Turn Off The Internet

Proper time management is to success what breathing is to life. If you are failing at managing your time, chances are success will elude you. The first step to taking control of your time is turning off the internet periodically. If that did not send you running, let us dig a little deeper into what I mean.

The internet is important for several reason such as research, social media, communication and marketing. However, the internet as a whole is a time sink. When was the last time you spent 30 minutes on Facebook or Twitter promoting your book and immediately went back to work afterwards? I wager never is the answer because there are so many funny cat photos circulating through Facebook.

You need time on the internet to research topics or read you favorite blogs, but that time should be scheduled to not interfere with work. Yes I said it, writing is work and should be treated like any other job. Set up office hours and stick to them. Write an internet policy for work and make yourself sign it.

Smartphones are part of the internet and will ruin most time management plans. The New York Times ran a great feature on the topic of time management and smartphones: Silencing the Smartphone . Turn the ringer to its loudest setting and put it in another room and resist the urge to chase the ringer every time it chirps at you.

Develop a time management plan and stick to it. Include everything you must do in a typical day such as research, marketing, errands and so forth. Give each task a set time or amount of time and do not waiver.

Here are some resources to help you get control of your time and develop a time management plan:

If you enjoyed this article on time management tips for writers, please let me know in the comments. If you have written a similar article, let me know and I will see about adding your article to the list of resources.


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How To Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

If a reader had to choose what to read based on headlines only, would they choose your article, blog post or news feature? Can you write attention grabbing headlines for everything you write? If you are honest with yourself, the answer to both questions is no. Otherwise, why are you reading this blog post? Probably because headlines are hard for some writers and editors will often junk your headline and insert their own anyway, but that does not mean they should be ignored.

Attention grabbing headlines are important for more than blog posts, newspapers and magazines. Headlines are often the reason you check out the advertisement on the back cover of the magazine or why you open junk mail. Newspapers and magazines count on headlines to get a reader’s attention at a newsstand or magazine rack and talk the reader into buying an issue.

Marketing and sales are the reason editors change headlines or decide to write new headlines for half the manuscripts you submit. The headline you wrote for your feature may be good, but editors need attention grabbing headlines and they know what grabs their readers attention. However, if you spend a little time reading the market you are writing for, you can craft attention grabbing headlines and possibly get more work in the future.

Headlines are everywhere:

  • Television Advertisements
  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Sales Letters
  • Social Media Advertisements
  • Twitter
  • Postcards
  • Craigslist
  • and the list goes on …

Now that you understand how important headlines are and where they can be used ( pretty much everywhere ), it is time to learn more about writing headlines. Here are some great resources to get you started:

How to Write Headlines That Work

Writing Headlines That Get Results

How to Write Magnetic Headlines

How to Optimize Your Headlines for Google and Humans

How to Craft Post Titles that Draw Readers Into Your Blog

15 Ways to Rework Your Next Blog Post Title

How to Write Compelling Social News Headlines

Avoid the Headline Holdup: Learn How to Unplug The Bottleneck in Your Business

Do you have tips that help writers craft attention grabbing headlines? Want to add a great resource to the list? I would love to hear about your ideas and resources in the comments below.

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8 Places To Promote Your Ebook For Free

Get help writing or publishing your ebook

Promote your ebook for free may sound too good to be true, but if you are struggling to gain exposure for your self published ebook, this list will help. Be sure to read all the guidelines on each website listed here and make sure the website and your ebook are a good fit. Now on to the list: Read more ›

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