Marketing For Freelancers: Does Local Marketing Work?

I live in Ashburn, Ga. Which is half way between Cordele and Tifton Ga. on interstate 75. Never heard of Ashburn? I doubt you have. It is a small town surrounded by small towns. Most of my freelance work is found outside my local area. Not because there are no opportunities locally, but because people in small communities suffer from a skewed thought process that seems to lead them to believe anything good must come from someplace larger. At least that has been my experience.

I do not have a reason for this kind of thinking. I can only assume there is envy at play or perhaps the writers, web designers, graphic artist and such in larger cities have found a marketing scheme that implies they are better because they live in a large city. For whatever reason, this kind of thought process is flawed. If it were not flawed, I would not have any clients, but here I sit writing this before reading and responding to email from clients. Read more ›

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How To Generate More Blog Post Topics

A quick Google search for “how to generate blog post topics” reveals tons of pages that all say the same thing – write about what you know or write about your passion. Well, what if you do not know a lot about any one thing? What if your only passion is collecting fungus? Ok, most people have at least one topic they know a lot about and maybe fungus collecting has a niche, but it is a small one I assure you. Either way that advice is still a poor way to generate blog post topics. Read more ›

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Write Less For Better Writing

Writing as often as possible is the best way to improve your writing. Granted there is more to it such as asking people to critique your work and rewriting, among other things. But a great way to improve the speed at which you write is to simply write more often. Your mind will organize thoughts better and you will find sentences leaping from the keyboard to the screen. Having said that and risking ridicule as a hypocrite, you can write too often. Read more ›

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Rules Every Guest Blogger Should Follow

Do your guest blog posts get turned down often? Do blog editors seem to ignore you after you have submitted a guest blog post for review? The problem might be how you submitted your guest blog post or how it was written. You may be a master of sentence structure and punctuation with a PHD in English, but that will not help you become a successful guest blogger. Read more ›

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