Daily Reads For Writers #2

Ready for another Friday of great blogs for writers? I thought you might be. I handpicked these blogs from my list of blogs I read or follow.

Problogger: this is one of my favorite blogs. At first glance it looks more like a marketing blog than a blog for writers, but there are great posts on this site for everyone from copywriters to content strategist. I have learned something from every post I have read on Problogger. Read more ›

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Ways To Become A Better Day To Day Writer

Everyone is a writer now. Yes, I said everyone is a writer now. We all write whether you are trying to quench an addiction as I am or composing an email to a child’s teacher. Writing is a part of everyday life now. So why not do it correctly?

If you have spent any time on social media, or playing a video game with other human players, you understand the grammar police are everywhere. And let’s be honest, is it really that hard to remember when to use their or there? Read more ›

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Developing A Daily Writing Habit

Watch this video from Joanna Penn. Then read on to find out more tips on developing a daily writing habit.

That video inspired me to give up my haphazard writing schedule and actually develop my own daily writing habit. However, I went about it all wrong and wound up writing less. Why? I set my goals too high and gave up too soon. I lacked discipline and the knowledge necessary to develop a true daily writing habit.

It will take willpower to form a writing habit. It will take some research to figure out what works best for you. Luckily for you, I have done a fair amount of the research for you. You are on your own with the willpower and discipline parts. Read more ›

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Creating An EBook: The Tools You Need

You have written your first eBook. Now you need to get that eBook in front of readers. Sounds simple enough right? Well, technology and eBook retailers have made it hard and easy. The hard part is picking where to start and converting your eBook into a format that is accepted or at least works. The easy part is creating your eBook. There are many great tools available (some free – some not) designed and developed to help you along the path to creating an eBook. Read more ›

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