Promote Your Ebook On Facebook

Creating an Ebook is hard enough without worrying about marketing your Ebook. If you don’t promote your Ebook, chances are no one will read it except the occasional person that enters that perfect search string or whomever you ask to read it.  Many new and established authors are turning to Facebook to promote their Ebooks so let’s look at a few methods. Read more ›

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Finding Places To Get Paid To Write Online

We all want it. Wake up around noon; go outside and get the paper or run to the market; then after a few hours we sit down and write two or three blog posts and send them to the editors that always buy our articles. Not much can beat $1000 a week for less than 10 hours of work right? Ok, wake up because that isn’t going to happen. If you want to be a successful writer online or off or both; you will have to work for it.

The first step, assuming you can write, is developing a list of markets. There are countless lists online right now, but these are not your list. Your list is a list of places to get paid to write online that fit with your expertise or background. I highly recommend searching Google for “get paid to write” or “blogs that pay writers” and be prepared to spend some time filtering through it all. You will find a lot of the same material recycled over and over. Read more ›

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Develop These Essential Habits And Become A Better Writer

We’ve all read countless articles online telling us we need to develop habit XYZ in order to be a more productive writer. The problem with these articles is they all say the same thing and it all boils down to common sense. The people who write these articles are simply recycling content. Don’t get me wrong; the advice is good advice, usually, but a different person rewriting it every week is annoying.

With that in mind, I looked back over few weeks and tried to pick out habits I have that work for me. I don’t know if my habits will work for you. I’m going to share them anyway. These habits will help you become a better writer. Read more ›

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Novel Writing: Word Count Matters Not Chapter Count

Word count is a tricky thing when writing a novel. Most publishers have rules that govern word count. Always check with the publisher you plan to pitch your novel to or at least check their website for guides or notes on word count. Make sure your word count fits with the genre you are writing for instead of just hoping you’ll get lucky. When in doubt, see above, do your homework and ask questions or check websites. Read more ›

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