How To Become A Better Writer

To become a better writer you have to start writing and keep writing. Ok, perhaps that seems simple and almost insulting when compared to the huge number of “how to write better” articles on the web, but writing more often is the key to becoming a better writer. Practice makes you better at almost everything and writing is no different. Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger, sums the process up for you here.

Writing practice requires the same steps you would follow if you planned to practice golf, archery, dance or anything else. Before you begin your writing practice, brush up on the basics of writing:

The biggest lie a writer tells, often to themselves, is the classic lie, “I just don’t have time to focus on writing” or “I will write more tomorrow.” No one ever has time nor do they follow through with the promise to write more tomorrow. It is human nature to lie to yourself about why it is alright to watch television today because you can write tomorrow. Next thing you know, Monday is Friday and you have not written a word all week. This is not how you become a better writer or better at anything else.

Once you are sure you understand the basics, develop a writing schedule and stick to it. Check out these great articles on finding and managing time:

It is not hard to become a better writer, but it requires discipline and you have to honest with yourself. If you learn the basics of what makes good writing and how to find time to write, writing more often will help you become a better writer. Are you writing yet?

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