How To Generate More Blog Post Topics

A quick Google search for “how to generate blog post topics” reveals tons of pages that all say the same thing – write about what you know or write about your passion. Well, what if you do not know a lot about any one thing? What if your only passion is collecting fungus? Ok, most people have at least one topic they know a lot about and maybe fungus collecting has a niche, but it is a small one I assure you. Either way that advice is still a poor way to generate blog post topics.

There are several ways to generate topics without robbing other blogs or copycatting. No one likes a copycat after all and it will lead to a bad reputation. There are countless websites devoted to fighting plagiarism that allow anyone to search for a block of text to make sure what you have written or submitted is original. So you are on your own, but there is hope!

I use a few different methods to generate topics and they all work well for me. These methods do require a little discipline and some organization, but that is all part of writing and blogging. So let us get to it.

Keep A Journal With You All The Time

I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep track of your ideas. I have lost a lot of great ideas because I did not have a place to record my idea. You will need your journal to record late night ideas when you cannot shut your brain down to go to sleep or while at lunch. You will need a journal to record all the blog post topics you generate from the remaining tips in this blog post. Go get a journal today.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts will let you set up email alerts based on search topics. Every day you will get an email with the top results from your search string. I know, I said copy-catting was bad, but that is not what you are doing. Look through the Google Alert, maybe read some of the search results, but most of all look for holes in the search. What is missing? What has not been written about yet or written about in depth? Look for holes in the list of topics or topics that could be expounded and record those ideas in your journal.

Become An Expert On Something

I am in the process of becoming a personal trainer. Learning about training, fitness and nutrition has generated hundreds of blog post topics. Once I finish this course and become certified I will have blog posts flying out of my laptop. Trust me, pick a topic you think you would enjoy learning about and set out to learn all you can learn. Look for areas within the topic that you do not understand or there is not much information on and generate that information. Fill in the gaps for the next person that wants to learn about your chosen topic. As you find ideas, write them down in your journal.

Search For Questions That Need An Answer

There are a ridiculous number of websites today that use a question and answer format as a forum of sorts. Many of the answers I find are far from correct or just garbage. If someone has asked a question and gotten poor answers or responses from others wanting an answer, those are your readers and you need to answer the question. It is important when generating blog post topics this way to record your ideas in your journal. I might have mentioned that before, but I wanted to make sure.

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Do you have a proven method for generating blog post topics or link to a blog post that helped you? Tell me about the method or link the blog post in the comments.

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