Free Places To Host Your Podcast

Will hosting your podcast with a free service mean no one will ever hear my podcast? While that depends a little on the host and a lot on the quality of your podcast, the answer is no. There are plenty of respectable places to host your podcast for free and get traffic at the same time.

Here is a list of free places to host your podcast:
Blubrry – create podcasts and browse other podcasts
Evoca – create audio recordings from your computer mic, your phone or Skype
ThePodcastNetwork – A network of podcasts
PodcastPeople – post text, audio and video to your show
Podomatic – create, find and share podcasts

Another free place to host your podcast is your blog and if you are using WordPress, the free WordPress Audio Player is all you need. Using the WordPress Audio Player is simple: upload your podcast and use the correct syntax where you want the player to show up in your blog.

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