Finding Places To Get Paid To Write Online

We all want it. Wake up around noon; go outside and get the paper or run to the market; then after a few hours we sit down and write two or three blog posts and send them to the editors that always buy our articles. Not much can beat $1000 a week for less than 10 hours of work right? Ok, wake up because that isn’t going to happen. If you want to be a successful writer online or off or both; you will have to work for it.

The first step, assuming you can write, is developing a list of markets. There are countless lists online right now, but these are not your list. Your list is a list of places to get paid to write online that fit with your expertise or background. I highly recommend searching Google for “get paid to write” or “blogs that pay writers” and be prepared to spend some time filtering through it all. You will find a lot of the same material recycled over and over.

I have a few places that I always look for new ways to get paid to write. Have a look:

Those links should get you started, but those are only a small portion of the places to find ways to get paid to write online. I’m not going to do all the work for you. Open a new tab and get a google search going and spend some time every day looking through the results. Remember to build a big list because you aren’t going to get picked up by every blog you pitch. Many blogs will require you devote some time to looking over and commenting on material they have already published. Read this “How to Write for The Huffington Post and Earn Money for Your Work” because it is a great example of social engineering your way to a paid writing gig.

Avoid websites like Elance and Craigslist. The time you spend pitching or bidding only to find out it was a scam is disheartening. Do not write for content mills ever- ever! Your work is worth more than $1.50 per blog post and it will offer you no exposure. However, don’t take that advice and apply it to guest posting. Guest posting, provided you get a byline at the end of your post, is a good way to get exposure and start building a reputation. Many of the places that pay writers online will want to see examples of your writing skills. Being able to send them links to previously published content will help your chances. Guest posting, for free, is part of writing online.

If you truly want to build a career and get paid to write, it will take work. It is not easy and anyone that tells you it was for them is either lying or sleeping with a lot of editors.

Here are links to some great posts about getting started writing online:

Some of these links reference content mills and Craiglist within the post. Keep in mind what I said earlier and avoid those type of job boards.

How did you get started writing online? What methods are you trying right now? Do you have great advice to help others get paid to write online? Let me know in the comments.

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