Daily Reads For Writers #1

Daily Reads For Writers #1

The name is a bit contradictory since I plan to publish these posts weekly and not daily, but you get the idea.

Writing, like anything else you want to be good at, requires training, education and practice. We learn from teachers and by doing, but sometimes we overlook our peers. I subscribe to a lot of blogs and I learn something new daily. You simply cannot learn everything from a book or from a teacher. You need information from people that are in the trenches and have succeeded using the path you have chosen.

So every Friday I will post links to blogs I find helpful. A Friday post means you have all weekend to look around and decide if the blogs fit your style or have information you find helpful. No slacking allowed- these blogs will help you. They help me.

Ok, less of my rambling and on to the good stuff:

Jane Friedman

Christina Katz

Digital Book World

If you would like to share a link, or perhaps you would like your blog included in future lists, please share your thoughts and links in the comments below.

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