Content Editing and Critique

Does your writing say the right things or get the responses you desire?

Is your message clear and concise? Are you and your staff writing in a way that drives sales, calls people to action or inspires confidence in your products or services?

In a Utopian world your writing needs nothing more than good sentence structure and grammar. In the real world your writing needs to appeal to each reader and be less focused on sentence structure and grammar. Sentence structure and grammar are only necessary for reading ease and flow. Your goals now winning an award for proper grammar. Your goals are connecting with readers, boosting sales, boosting follower count, affecting social change and so on. You’ll never accomplish those goals if you write based on what you learned from a textbook.

As a communications consultant I specialize in helping people, companies and organizations develop their communication skills and methods. I provide hands on, personalized services and training to inspire and develop communications that connect, inform, educate, boost sales and drive change.

During my more than 20 years of working for and in the health care, corporate, PR and non-profit environments, my writing has appeared in almost every format and niche. My work has been featured online, in newspapers, in magazines, advertising collateral and a large, varied list of other publications.

In a few words, you can rely on me for clear, concise writing and editing that appeals to diverse audiences. The same applies to my writing coach services. So what does all this mean for you?

Content Editing and Critique

It’s your writing not mine, but maybe you keep hearing, “your writing is good, but not what we are looking for,” or, “your writing is good, but doesn’t seem to connect with readers.” The majority of proofreading and editing services on the internet are great, but they strip away your voice and style. You get replaced in your writing. That’s not good for anyone.

My content editing and critiquing service is here to help you move from good writer to great writer without removing you from your writing. Your content is edited for grammar and flow, but not in a way that alters your voice. In addition to editing, you’ll get a detailed report critiquing your writing with tips and examples on how to improve while remaining yourself.

Have a look at some of the benefits:

  • Turnaround times can be as short as 24 hours for around 2,000 words.
  • Pay easily and securely via PayPal.
  • Get a writing coach with 20 plus years of experience for a fraction of the average cost.
  • Discounts for returning clients up to 25%.
  • Monthly rates for high volume writers and blogs.

Contact me for details or quotes.

Need more? Ghostwriting, editorial calendar management, writer management via Trello or HubSpot? I can set up all of that for you and streamline all your writing and editorial needs. Contact me today – no cost or obligation.