Beating Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the evil psychological condition that seem to prevent many writers from either finding the words or finding the creativity needed to use the words. I do not believe in writer’s block which may be the reason I have never suffered an episode. It is my opinion writer’s block is simply your creative inner child begging for a break or an influx of motivation.

If you believe in writer’s block, there is hope and many ways to break the curse.

Take A Break: go outside or take a shower. Get away from the notebook or keyboard and focus your mind on something other than writing. When I cannot get the words right I like to watch a few minutes of a movie. I watch all movies in 15 to 20 minute segments, but I am not normal. I find fishing or hiking are great ways to free my mind of clutter and get my thoughts in order if I need a longer break. The goal is to remove the current writing project from your mind and replace it with something else you enjoy for a while.

Read: reading is a great way to get those creative juices flowing. You may stumble across a method or mechanic you have overlooked. You could find the word you have been searching for that fits perfectly. Reading inspires and it is inspiration that is often needed to kick writer’s block out and get your mojo working again.

Get Some Exercise: if you jog or walk- go do it. Go to the gym or swim a few laps if that is your thing. You will be surprised how physical exhaustion can free your mind.

I use all of these methods to get past any hurdles I face when writing. Again, I believe writer’s block is a myth designed to give meaning to a lack of motivation or inspiration. You will disagree and swear some demon is corrupting your mind if you find yourself blocked, but all you need to do is free your mind and remove all the daily distractions.

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How do you get past a writing block? Please share you experience in the comments.

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