About Me

John McDuffie Photography

I am a writer, editor and communication consultant. My previous experience and education are outlined on my LinkedIn profile – www.linkedin.com/in/johnmcduffie.

As a writer, I put my dedication, attention to detail and 20 plus years of experience in every sentence I write. I treat each writing project as though it were my only project. Years of experience honing my research skills allow me to condense large amounts of data into clear, concise articles readers can learn from, be inspired by and, most importantly, return to as a reference.

As an editor, my attention to detail and knowledge of grammar and style rules are matched only by my multitasking abilities. I bring my decades of experience as a writer into every editing project to help me keep the writer’s voice and consistency in check. I pride myself on my ability to help any writer polish their work until their work is perfect. I believe part of editing is teaching or at least imparting advice as part of the editing markup and notes.

As a communications consultant I specialize in helping people, companies and organizations develop their communication skills and methods. I provide hands on, personalized services and training to inspire and develop communications that connect, inform, educate, boost sales and drive change.

In a few words, you can rely on me for clear, concise writing and editing that appeals to diverse audiences.

My specialties include:

  • Content Management
  • Website Copy
  • Advertising Copy
  • Copy Editing and Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Business Communication
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Blog Content and Social Writing
  • Page Layout for Print
  • Social Media Marketing Development
  • Strategic Messaging and Planning
  • Project Management


Please feel free to contact me or browse my “Hire Me/Services” page for more details about what I can do for you or your business.