8 Places To Promote Your Ebook For Free

Promote your ebook for free may sound too good to be true, but if you are struggling to gain exposure for your self published ebook, this list will help. Be sure to read all the guidelines on each website listed here and make sure the website and your ebook are a good fit. Now on to the list:

Author Marketing Club – links (at the time of this writing) to 19 wesbites that want to help you promote your ebook for free

Digital Book Today – there motto is “Helping book lovers find authors in a digital world” and they deliver

The Frugal eReader – submit your ebook using this form or check out their website for more details

Addicted to eBooks – be sure to read their guidelines before submitting your ebook

The Cheap – tons of deals on Kindle books and they want to help promote your ebook

Ask David – offers to help promote your ebook for free

Pixel of Ink – free and bargain Kindle books

Amazon’s Meet Our Authors Forum – a little different from the rest of this list, but still a great place to promote your ebook

I would love to hear about your ebook promotion and marketing experiences. Leaves some comments below or share a tip on promoting ebooks.

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    Mr. McDuffie,

    askDavid.com is the best site I saw for new ebook writers. TYVM for putting that up. My ebook just came out today.

  • This is a great list for free ways to promote an ebook. I also suggest finding forums and message boards where people gather to talk about books and joining the conversations there. You can find forums/message boards by doing Google searches for keywords such as “discover books,” or more specific keywords depending on your genre, such as “mystery books.” You should participate in discussions there and not only promote your own ebooks so that it doesn’t seem that your only interest is to promote. These places are often communities of active readers/writers who are book lovers and give good feedback.

    Self-promotion alert: I work at Ganxy (ganxy.com) where we provide tools to help authors promote and sell more of their books online, such as through a book Showcase like http://ganxy.com/i/26631. We like to discuss ideas with authors and to answer any questions that they may have. Feel free to email me at lonnie@ganxy.com.


    • Yes, using forums and message boards is a great idea. Most of those types of websites allow you to have a signature which is a good place to put links to your work or website or whatever. The only reason I did not include forums and message boards in the list, except for Amazon’s, is because they can be a time sink like facebook and twitter. Social media and similar things should be included in your marketing plan, but time spent using them must be limited. Otherwise, you will have no time to write. Trust me, I know- I am a recovering social media addict.