5 Blog Marketing Articles You Need To Read Now

You have to absolutely stay on top of current trends in marketing if you want a successful blog. While that statement rings true in most cases, some marketing strategies are timeless. I have a handful of articles for you that cover marketing outside of the current trends. The information in these articles will help you build a better blog based on proven methods and tips that we could all stand to use more often.

Keep in mind that marketing starts when you decide what topic to write about. With that in mind, I included articles that are not marketing specific, but aim to help you create content that is marketable. It will make more sense once you read the articles linked below. Keep in mind that marketing is more than SEO and link building.

5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post With a Bang is a great post from Copyblogger. It lists a few simple tips that are often overlooked when writing a blog post.

A Ridiculously Simple Way to Get More Revenue and Build Your Audience is another article from Copyblogger, but this article looks at using content more than once and in different ways.

25 Blogging Tips for Newbies and Veterans is from Jeff Goins and I never get tired of reading his blog. This article is basically a bullet list with short explanations of the list items.

How to Create A Powerful Writing Schedule for Your Blog is a great article about figuring out when to write.

5 Simple Ways to Discover What People Are Dying to Read was insightful and to the point. Get some insight into how to approach finding a topic to write about.

Beyond the article listed here, there are many more on each of the sites I linked to and I would suggest spending some time on each one. They will help you become a better writer and blogger plus add marketeer to your list of credentials.[signoff]

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