300 Million Reasons You Should Podcast

Around 220 million people commute to work, in a car, 30 minutes one way every day and nearly 50 million people have a gym membership in the United States. Alright, that is only 270 million reasons, but let us not forget the people doing housework, gardening, farming or doing some other job that would allow them to listen to a podcast. All those people could be listening to your podcast.

Need a little more proof podcasting is a good idea? Search Twitter for “behind on podcasts” or click here. A podcast is a great way to expose your book, blog or knowledge to others, and the market for podcasts is growing.

Creating your podcast is not hard or expensive. You can get started for less than $100 or free- whichever you prefer. Free software exists for Linux, PC or MAC and the learning curve is small. Most laptops and many newer desktops come with a built in microphone or you can pick up a microphone or headset at any local electronics store.

With all the buzz about video content circling the internet, you may wonder why a podcast is a better idea and here are a few reasons:

  • It is hard to watch a video while jogging or running on a treadmill
  • It is dangerous to watch a video while commuting to work in your car
  • Video requires more technical knowledge and time
  • Video requires a large investment (camera and lighting to start with)
  • Video requires a shower before you begin
  • You cannot, or should not, record video in your jammies

Which reason or reasons you choose to opt for a podcast instead of a video does not matter, but the answer is clear- a podcast is a faster, less expensive way to be heard when compared to video. Plus, a podcast offers more opportunities for listeners to, well, listen.

Still not convinced or need some help getting started? Check out my Guide To Podcasting For Writers for all the information you need to start podcasting.

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