Novel Writing: Word Count Matters Not Chapter Count

Word count is a tricky thing when writing a novel. Most publishers have rules that govern word count. Always check with the publisher you plan to pitch your novel to or at least check their website for guides or notes on word count. Make sure your word count fits with the genre you are writing for instead of just hoping you’ll get lucky. When in doubt, see above, do your homework and ask questions or check websites. Read more ›

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Writing Prompt #2

writing prompts from John McDuffie

This month’s writing prompt should appeal to fantasy writers more than anyone. It is a screen capture from Lord of the Rings online. Gaming, especially MMO and RPG centered games, are one of my distractions. Every writer has distractions that get in the way of writing and gaming is one of mine. I tend to unplug my router during scheduled writing time to avoid temptation from games, facebook, twitter and the like. If you are writing fiction, unplugging your router is not a big deal, but writing non-fiction might be easier with the internet- for research- not gaming. Read more ›

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Get Paid For Guest Blog Posts

Getting paid to guest post is a dream for many bloggers, but it doesn’t have to be. You can get paid to guest post provided you can write and do your research. Start by learning “Rules Every Guest Blogger Should Follow.” Then read on to find blogs or lists of blogs that will pay you to guest post.

Note: I am compiling a list of paid blogging opportunities with lots of variety. My plan is to provide guest blogging income opportunities for writers from many niches. This is an informal preview of a handful of paid blogging opportunities that are going in the list. Read more ›

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Daily Reads For Writers #3

Another Friday is upon us and with it comes Friday’s Daily Reads For Writers. I try to use websites that not only help me as a writer but as a business person as well.

Jessica Lawlor: if this website cannot help you set some goals and get your life organized, there may be no help for you. It’s not a website about writing as much as a website to help you design your life and make it the way you want it.

Inkygirl: a website full of information and insights for those that write for younger readers. I write for adults and other writers, but I find advice, ideas and other help on this website that fit my niche and style. I recommend stopping by it often.

FreelanceFolder: chock full of advice for freelancers. From business to motivation, this is a website every freelancer should visit often. After all, it is the business side of freelancing that many freelancers fail to grasp. This website will help you find clients, keep clients and everything in between.

Novel Publicity: a service oriented website with all the tools you need to get more publicity for your novel, EBook or other writing projects.

I hope you find these websites useful. My aim to help writers learn more about writing and the business side of writing. The business side is often overlooked, but can mean the difference between earning as a writer and simply writing. Feel free to link specific blog posts in the comments or share links to websites you would like to see included in Friday’s Daily reads For Writers.

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