Writing the Military for Your Fantasy Novels

For me, watching a movie with less than accurate battle scenes or soldiers using pistols for 500-yard kill shots is a travesty. I find novels with a poorly written military and weapons used inaccurately impossible to read. I am not the only person that feels this way. Most readers will react the same way.

You need to understand several things before you can begin to develop an army much less write about that army. There are a lot of modern and ancient weapons to consider, but for this article assume any examples I use involve medieval arms, armor and tactics. It doesn’t matter what era your weapons or military comes from; what matters is accuracy and getting the details straight. Read more ›

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How to Not Fail as a Copywriter

Copywriting is more about marketing than grammar right? Wrong. Poor grammar and spelling will turn readers away from your blog and customers away from your company’s website. Spell checkers are great tools, but they rarely catch errors like using their when you meant to use they’re. The biggest mistake you can make is not employing the services of a good editor or proofreader. If your budget doesn’t allow for such services, read on to learn about more mistakes to watch out for when writing copy. Read more ›

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Content Curation 101

Curating content isn’t about put together your list of top ten YouTube videos. Ok, maybe it is a little, but there is much more to it. Simply posting content everyone else is already posting won’t make you a top notch content curator. The real key is finding, sifting, sorting and publishing content your readers and followers will learn from and share. A content curator hand picks the best content relevant to their particular online community. Read more ›

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How To Create A Fantasy World

A good fantasy novel isn’t complete without a believable fantasy world to go with it. Arguably, the depth of the world and how well you “build” it is more important when writing fantasy than it is in any other genre. Most genres can use real locations which makes describing the world easier. You can always use Google or visit the location of your setting for most genres, but fantasy worlds come from your imagination and must be well developed so your reader can visualize the landscape, towns, wildlife and so on.

A good starting point for creating a fantasy world is a map. Your map does not need to look like you have studied art and cartography for twenty years. You can always hire someone to design a map later based on your sketches. The important thing is to get a physical reference of your fantasy world for reference when you are writing. Read more ›

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