Rules Every Guest Blogger Should Follow

Do your guest blog posts get turned down often? Do blog editors seem to ignore you after you have submitted a guest blog post for review? The problem might be how you submitted your guest blog post or how it was written. You may be a master of sentence structure and punctuation with a PHD in English, but that will not help you become a successful guest blogger. People that read blogs are after the informati ...

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Transfer Files Inside Facebook Using Pipe

Announced at the London Web Summit, Pipe intends to use Adobe's Real-Time Media Flow Protocol (RTMFP) to allow Facebook users to transfer large files. While it is already possible to transfer files via Facebook, there is no method to transfer large files. Using Adobe's RTMFP, Pipe will allows users to transfer files up to 1 gigabyte using the users cache so no Facebook or Pipe server space will be used for ...

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5 Ways To Ruin A Query Letter

Do editors ignore or reject your query letter by default? Editors are not evil or mean. Your query letter did not get their attention or warrant a response because it did not get their attention or warrant a response. The query letter is essentially a sales pitch intended to sell an idea to an editor. That does not mean you need to be a marketing professional or have years of writing experience to write a s ...

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300 Million Reasons You Should Podcast

Around 220 million people commute to work, in a car, 30 minutes one way every day and nearly 50 million people have a gym membership in the United States. Alright, that is only 270 million reasons, but let us not forget the people doing housework, gardening, farming or doing some other job that would allow them to listen to a podcast. All those people could be listening to your podcast. Need a little more p ...

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